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I can’t sleep tonight. Well I don’t think it was such a good opening. But never mind then. Hmm, I know, when I decided to write tonight, it’s gonna be a very short night. The bad news is that I have a class tomorrow morning, and it’s gonna be a busy Saturday tomorrow. Full classes, so I’m gonna need full energy. It means I need lots of sleep. Hmm.. I hope everything will be alright tomorrow.

Well, it seemed that I consumed too much coffee and sugar. That’s why this brain keeps on. Accompanied by the mesmerizing music, I am
fully awake.
Honestly what I want to write tonight is about music. I’ve never realized that I actually have some unrealized music list that I always play at a time like this.

May be around ten. Let me count first. The first one must be my all-time song, my kind of perfect by David Archuleta. I fall in love at the first hearing. It was an accident truly.
It’s all started when I was obsessed with his song titled “crush”. I found it unique. Especially about the tone and the voice. Since then, I downloaded all songs from David. But I still didn’t have time to listen to what I had downloaded. May be there was about a couple of months I just let the songs without even listening to them. And in one night, I accidentally played all songs that I had downloaded. And when it came to this song, my kind of perfect, I was surprised that there was such a song. The music arrangement and the lyrics were so overwhelming. And I’ve liked it ever since. If I rewind my memory, it seemed that the time was when I was finishing my thesis. Or may be long before that.
The second song is (I’m also surprised) Chiquita by SOS. Funny, isn’t it? May be I like it because it was one of the OST of Strawberry on a Shortcake, a Japanese drama. But you know what. I hated this song when I watched the drama. I didn’t even like the drama. Hmm, life IS strange. MY LIFE..hehe^_^ .
The third one, hmm, One Thing by One Direction. Sometimes it sounds more like me. The other times, I feel it’s a bit stupid. Well, I guess it depends on the mood of how my brain will take it.
The fourth one, let me check first. Oh, it’s by Meja. “It’s all about the Money”. I really love this song. Specifically I love the music. It gives me new spirit every time I listen to it. But I don’t know why, the other songs of Meja are no more like this one. I’ve tried to download an listen, but I admired nothing but the previous one.
The next one, Impossible by Shontelle. May be this time I’ll just use my woman’s nature. I just like it. No question why please. Hihihi ^_^
Let’s see who’s in the sixth list. And it goes to... This is me by Demi Levato. I hope one day I can get to see the movie. My old friend said that it was an OST of a movie. And surprisingly, again, I’ve just realized now that I had never tried to look for what movie it was. My goodness. @_@
And what’s next in the seventh list. Bang a Drum by Selena Gomez. Well, it’s such a long story I guess. But let’s just make it short. Firstly I listen to this song, I totally hate this song. Let me clear it , H-A-T-E. I directly deleted it after listening to half of it. But after watching A Cinderella Story starred by her. I began to like this song, and downloaded it again. Hmm..it doesn’t seem like a long one, does it?
The eight one is So Sick by Ne-Yo. This was my old time song. I’ve liked it since the first time I heard it. Beautiful instrument. I also learnt about the different in the rhythm between pop and R&B through this song.
The last two one is Against the Odd by Westlife featuring Mariah Carey. I do like the original version. My lecturer once brought it up. The only one who always smiles anytime and anywhere.
And finally, the tenth list goes to Tell me something I don’t know by Selena Gomez again. Such a quick rhythm, but I like it. Whenever I listen to it, I remember Suci. She was once my students when I was tutoring at MAN 1 Medan. Well, she can sing it all the way. While I’m still trying until now.
Well then, that’s all I guess, my favourite western song list. Next time I’ll write about my favourite Japanese one. See ya ^_^

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