A Dream

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I’ve just got this dream.
And it keeps running to my head like a stream
It’s so clear that I can see your image in the air
Now, listen to me before it disappears.

There I found you soft like cream.
I heard you cried and scream,
Over the past that you left behind the scene
You’re so delicate yet you don’t let yourself to be seen.

It’s like I was diving to the memories,
Which you had buried for centuries.
Getting the shorts played into series,
I couldn’t help but shaded tears,
When you’re broken into pieces.

Then  I was awaken.
I tried to sleep but then the dream was played in twice.
It’s felt so real as the pain stayed here.
Let’s pray it’s ain’t real deal my dear.
 Somehow I was happy having you in my sleep,
But it is making me distracted for a week

Well, It’s only a dream anyway.
But why did I dream about you by the way?

Feb 9th ‘14

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