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My first impression when deciding to borrow this book was that I was worried that it’d be hard to understand the meaning since the language used would be half or more in Malay not Indonesian. I assumed that the English articles would be much more understandable than the Malay ones. Still I made up my mind to read it.  And that impression and assumption turned out right.

However, it was fun. Along the time, I feel I could hear the voice of Matluthfi speaking in his unique dialect while I was reading. I guessed it was because I had seen some videos of his before.

The copywriting and jokes were totally healthy and enlightening for my soul. I often wondered how he could write such thoughts of his in such age.

I can see why Ririn fell for him so much. Yet, I still could not imagine that the news of Matluthfi finally got married broke her heart so badly. LOL

By the way, I believe that it was her mother that made Matluthfi what he was and is now. Just like his many times unbelievable-but-turned-out-smart way of thinking and his creative ways of joking. Instead of being a fan of him, I am officially starting to be a fan of his mother now, I guess. :D It was mention almost at the last part that his mother had just learned how to send picture via Whatsapp, I wonder if after that she learned how to sign up in Instagram too. I'd be glad to follow. Hehe.

Yesterday, I read the part about his reading habit. There he wrote about how he read “Spiritual Journey” (the title of the book) for days. And then he dreamed about meeting Prof. Tariq, the writer. And he said to the professor, as I quote from page 138:

“You teach me if an apple is bad, let’s not talk much on the fruit or the state that is, but rather the things that make it so. It might be the wind, the animals that touch it, the soil, the insufficient nutrients. You teach me, that bad apples will eventually fall back to the ground. And let’s work together to make sure the trees that they’ll grow up to be, are protected from the excessive wind, harmful animals, grow on the soil, get sufficient nutrients and produce better generation of new apples.”

And after that the professor smiled at him. Getting that kind of feedback, in his own dream, Matluthfi said to himself, “Had I gone mad?”

I was reading this part yesterday afternoon while lying down on my bed. I wasn’t sure how many pages had passed after this part before I fell asleep. I had a dream. In my dream, I met Matluthfi. Standing next to him was Ririn. I clearly saw her there. She was clinging onto Matluthfi’s left arm.

While looking at me with her bright smile, Ririn said, “Suamiku”.

 I giggled and said, “I must be dreaming”.

Any way thanks a million for letting me have your so-called husband (euuh). I treated “him” with all my heart. I am looking forward to bartering for the second book. My most precious one with yours. :D

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  1. Ketika dia diabadikan perempuan lain,aku gak tau harus berterimakasih atau cemburu ><

    Haha jd teringat salah satu vlog nya, yg masang tampang heran & cemas ketika ada yg manggil dia 'My hubby' trus dia cuma bilang 'kapan pula aq kahwin?' *waktu itu dia blm nikah. Makasi udah buat part ini jd kenyataan, nyata dlm mimpimu wi -__-

    Kalau mau baca buku selanjutnya, saranku siapkan cemilan, minuman manis buat tambah energi karena akan sedikit lebih 'serius'. Ah iya, juga koneksi internet, karena beberapa tulisan akan lebih paham kalau cek2 ttg 'asbabunnuzul' tulisan itu, karena terkait kondisi politik atau sosial negaranya bahkan sebagian negara yang bukan negaranya, dan sebahagian syukurlah masih ada joke ringan

    Ah sekali lagi, kamu membuat publik mengetahui 'hubungan' kami. ><

    1. Aha.....terima kasih kembali ririn๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      Snack n minuman manis ok lah....jaringan internet...emm...u know la๐Ÿ˜

  2. Tiba2 kebayang ririn ngomong gitu haha

    Oh iya, bukunya bagus wi?
    Jd penasaran awak la

    1. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„. Kebayang dan kedengeran lii...๐Ÿ˜

      Bukunya menarik. Pemikiran si penulisnya keren kalau mrnurut awak. Paling ya itu...ketika tulisannya paki bahasa Malaysia...awak agk2 berkerut n kdang harus mengikhlaskan makna yg tak tertebak krn malas buka terjemahan๐Ÿ˜

  3. nggak sengaja lihat di home facebook, nggak sengaja baca tulisannya sampai habis, nggak sengaja kepo sama Matluthfi

    1. Ada gitu ya...kepo tapi tak sengaja๐Ÿ˜

    2. Wi.. kan wi.. jdi ada yg kepo, nambah pula lah nanti 'sainganku' dlm hal per-matlutfi-an :')

    3. Sainganmu luar biasa kuat ni keknya rin... semangat ya ririn...aku mndukungmu dari belakang๐Ÿ˜†


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