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This might be the second post written in English in my blog, and would be the first time I bring about “style” as a topic to discuss.

Well, honestly I am one type of person who doesn’t really follow the latest trend of fashion. My style of fashion is more like as long as I am comfortable with what I am wearing or try to make myself comfortable with anything available in my closet at that moment (available means ready and neat to wear).

There are many times when I have to wear some clothes I rarely use since those are the only available pieces, while the usual ones have not been ironed yet :D. However, also at such times – believe it or not – there are always friends, colleagues or students who would say “Your outfit looks cool today”.  At first I thought it was sarcasm, but turned out it’s for real. Ahaha. If only they knew the reason behind that outfit choice. LOL. (you could skip this part though).

And as one of those days reoccurred a couple of weeks ago, and that “your outfit looks cool today” thing was pronounced in the morning, I was invited by to attend a meet up session with Nuniek Tirta the next day.

That would be the second time to meet her if I agreed. The first meeting was in Clapham Collective when she became the host for a talk show #NgopiBarengTiket in which Rudi was one of the speaker. And that first impression of her brought back memory to meet her again someday. And there were the opportunity offered. So I agreed. And just when I asked about the topic, tadaa, it’s about super affordable style. A coincidence? I believe that there is no such thing in this world as coincidence. It’s a world conspiracy. :D

So, exactly on Sunday morning, February 26th  2017, I arrived at Pilastro Medan located next to Merdeka Walk. That was my first time visiting that cafe. When I asked the waitress about the meet up, she smiled and showed me the way to the second floor where the #NutsMeetup was. The place felt homey with wooden furniture and decoration. Soon, I met another invited bloggers and joined their table. 
Let the show begin ^_^

Not long after that, the occasion was opened by Nuniek Tirta herself. She mostly shared about her experience in her fashion statement. The main point I caught was that everyone can be fashionable without wasting unnecessary money. In other words, to be fashionable doesn’t have to be expensive.

“It’s we who buy the goods, not the goods which buy us” Said Nuniek.

From what I observed, in order to look fashionable to the latest trend, we tend to be consumptive at all time, and some people even spend more money than what they can afford. There are many times when we fail to restrain ourselves of what we want and what we need. As I do sometimes and then regret it after buying something that is actually not really needed. Is it only me or the same thing happens to you as well?

If it comes to fashion, these tips from the NutsMeetUp might help you. Well, here I made some notes of how to be fashionable in affordable style ala Nuniek Tirta.


If we think that to be fashionable requires a lot of money, we might want to change the perfective. How about economical but fashionable? Just like one viral post in Nuniek Tirta’s instagram account about her outfit of the day. Many people thought that what she’s wearing was expensive; in fact it’s far from expensive.
Why not trying a garage sale?

It doesn’t have to be a classy boutique or a mall for shopping.  Think again, are we buying the goods or the prestige? Well, there are always alternatives. For example traditional market where prices are more rational and negotiable, waiting for midnight sale where discounts go up and prices go down, or considering a second hand goods with good quality. Ah, it reminds me that lately some friends of mine keep asking where and how I got my jackets. :D

Know your body

Find out our strength and weakness. For instance, it is better to avoid the outfit that will show a skinny body become skinnier and vice versa. Avoid the motives or patterns that could make your weakness become more visible. We also could make an attention distraction with accessories such as pin, belt, scarf, bracelet, necklace, etc.

Mix and Match

Be creative in mixing and matching the pieces of clothes, colours, patterns, and accessories. Nuniek stated that she likes to have basic colours such as black and white, because they can result in many combinations of style.

My suggestion in mixing and matching is don’t be too generous to let all the accessories used at once, even though their colour match. If you do so, you’ll become a walking accessory store. :D

Be Proper

The expression “Just be yourself” doesn’t mean that we can act the way we are in any circumstances. There are times when we need to adapt ourselves to the situation and that includes the way we dress.

Let’s say that backpack, jeans, blouse, and hiking sandals are your daily style statement for hanging out with friends, traveling, campus activity, and leisure time. But, would you change your style for a moment to appear more neatly for a job interview? Or would you be in your sweaty jersey style when proposing a woman you’d like to marry to her parents?

The point is that to dress neatly in certain occasions and circumstances show how we respect the others. In this case our fashion style shows our attitude. 
I like that unique projector :D

Beauty Investment

What comes to your mind when you read this sub title? Spa, pedicure, manicure, facial, cosmetic, skincare, or expensive? Those list were actually on my head actually before Nuniek started explaining. It’s all about our definition of what we called expensive.

“People might think that eye laser is expensive, but for me it is an investment, because it lasts for a long-term” She said. “Imagine if I choose using glasses instead, I need to change it every year, right? There it becomes more expensive.” She added.

The same goes for skin care product. Using “expensive” skin care product gives better skin result than using the cheaper one. And no matter how cheap is the make up product, the result is still good, compared to using cheaper skin care product, and expensive make up product. The second one turns out become more expensive when we recalculate.

But still the first one is expensive, right? “That is what is called investment” Nuniek stated. Because looking fresh at all time is an investment.

Well, personally, I don’t do make up and skincare product thing. It seems that these two things just don’t go easy on my skin. So up until now, I prefer a traditional-DIY- home-made skin care, such as making my own tomatoe mask, cucumber mask, etc. But I am afraid it can be called a skin care thing because it is applied infrequently, that is whenever I feel like to do it :D. For this part of example, it is better not to copy this at home :D

But this last tip from Nuniek Tirta actually changed my way of thinking about caring my own body. Since Allah gives it in good condition, it is my own duty to take care of it well, isn’t it? Who else would it be.
Photo from Nunik Tirta

Anyway, Thank you for inviting me to this occasion ^_^. Also, I am really grateful for the sharing, Mbak Nuniek Tirta. Really appreciate it. And I hope this review would be useful for the readers as it is for myself  reminder. And please pardon me for the late review. Better late than never, isn’t it?

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