21 Facts About Me

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1.    My name is Pertiwi Soraya.

2.    I once had almost be named Nurul.

3.    The real story behind my naming was finally revealed at the beginning of this year.

4.    Talking, revealing, explaining, and describing the details about myself to public is the most inconvenient thing for me to do.

5.    I am a Phlegmatic-Melancholic type of person and a Feeling-Extrovert (Fe) one. If you are not familiar with the terms, just simply Google it.

6.    I have got quite sensitive sense of smelling and listening.

7.    I am really observant.

8.    I can’t imagine to live a day peacefully without snacking

9.    I definitely dislike adult male cats because of their arrogance.

10.    3 Things which must be always there in my backpack are umbrella, purse and drinking bottle. (My backpack is just like home for them).

11.    I hate being ordered around about my duties, with an order sentence or sound like it, again and again.  Do that and I’ll ignore you forever.

12.    Being in crowded places makes me feel sick, and hearing bad language makes me hard to breathe.  

13.    Kittens, cats (except  adult male cats), baby chicken, baby birds, baby dogs, and  babies release my stress instantly.

14.    When I get many things in my head or whenever I feel distracted, I find cooking and cleaning up meditating me in a fun way.

15.    I enjoy taking pictures of people when they are themselves, especially smiling faces. And I hate being asked to take pictures which are full of fake smiling faces looking at the camera, especially my camera  --______--

16.    At the beginning, the purpose of my wearing jacket was because of the dust, but then I found it more comfortable wearing jacket than not wearing it due to the sun light. Since then, I hardly go outside without jacket.

17.    Ever since reading Dwilogi Diorama Sepasang Al-Banna , I seem  inspired to call my future husband with “Mas” no matter what tribe he is :’D.

18.    I like watching and I only watch movies or tv series whose genre I like. Mostly adventure, action, detective, romantic-comedy (but never comedy only or romance only) , sci-fi, and sometimes sport, musical, and thriller. I hate horror because it makes me tired and stressful. And I would never watch the show in drama only genre no matter how crazy I am about the actors or the actress. The same goes for reading.

19.    I feel irritated when people use my stuff without my permission. At least tell me that you did, because I do.

20.    I adore intelligent people, but I respect a well-mannered person more. And I am in love with those who have both. 

21.    I’ve got a theory of my own about love, which is “When you say or you think or you feel that you love something or someone, you must have many reasons to answer why. If you have no or limited reasons, you could be misunderstood love for lust”. And most people disagree with me. Maybe we just have different meaning of what is what. ^_^
21 Facts About Me
I have done listing 21 facts about me. Now I challenge Ririn Anindya (ririnanindya.com) and Sri Rahamadhani Harahap (haloiyik.blogspot.co.id). Suit yourself to write in in English or in bahasa.

How to finish the challenge.

1.    Write 21 facts about yourself in your blog (especially for my students, write in your instagram) with the title “21 Facts About Me”.

2.     After writing, screenshoot your blog post about 21 Facts about yourself and post it in your instagram. Use #21FactsAboutMe.

3.    Tag and mention your challenger and also 2 persons you want to challenge.

4.    You have 2 days to finish the challenge since you were mentioned.

5.    If you don’t take the challenge or finish it more than the given time, you will donate for charity in your own way.  

Mekanisme Tantangan.

1.    Tuliskan 21 fakta tentang dirimu di blog dengan judul 21 Facts About Me (khusus buat murid-murid saya, tulis di caption Instagram).

2.    Setelah dipublikasi, screenshoot postingan blogmu dan upload di instagram dengan menggunakan #21FactsAboutMe.

3.    Tag dan mention orang yang member tantangan padamu dan juga 2 orang yang akan kamu beri tantangan.

4.    Waktumu 2 hari untuk menyelesaikan tantangan ini sejak kamu dimention.

5.    Jika kamu tidak menyelesaikan tantangan atau menyelesesaikannya lebih dari tenggat waktu yang diberikan, kamu berjanji akan berinfaq dengan caramu sendiri.

Have fun ^_^.

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  1. Should I write in English? Or maybe I'll just write it in Indonesian 😆😳😳😳

  2. Nomor 19, sama dong. I feel u bangetlah #hahaha.. sebel Kalo ada orang kek gitu.


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