The Lightning

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For some people, lightning is something hideous, dangerous and worth avoiding. It’s destructive power kills anything it strikes. The sounds  it produces terrorize all living ears. And when the nature conspirates to make it happen, all living things are alarmed and choose to stay away from it. So they just stay inside someplace safe.

Unlike them, I find lightning enjoyable. For me it is one of God's greatest creations. Lightning has many meanings and scientific explanations wrapped around it. Besides, there is always exitement in watching the sky scratched by those incredible shapes. Moreover when there is a lightning storm and
I have the chance to enjoy it from a strategic place, hmm, you have no idea how extremely content Iam.

And so, my future house should have a special place in the attic where I can enjoy the view of the sky. So the roof should obtain the openable and closable feature just like in the planetarium. Only this time does it have the second layer roof made of glass. So there is no way rain can stop me from my having fun with the lightning.

I used to be afraid of lighning when I was a kid. On a second thought, I was really afraid. I couldn't help closing my eyes whenever I noticed there was lightning. And when I needed to go to the bathroom in a rainy-lightning day, no matter at day or night time, I just hold my dad's hand tightly and closed my eyes along the way, even in the bathroom. And I really thought that it was a very long journey. (At that time our bathroom is separated from the house). May be I could even say it was a phobia, since my afraid of lightning was not only for the lightning itself, but also for anything which produced flash. And so, I would run and hide behind my mom’s back when someone took my picture with flash camera. Yeah, I had phobia with camera.

Once upon a twilight on my third or fourth bitrthday, knowing I wouldn't want to, my dad secretly took  my picture from the bushes. I was playing  by myself when suddenly I thought there was a lightning. Shocking by the flash, I ran as quickly as I could to my home. My parrents found it amusing so they laughed while I was crying.

It's funny how I really adore the lightning now considering my past. But anyway, I'm really thankfull for everything. Memories, those what make people live now, aren’t they? ^_^.

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